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Tri-Blade Shear – Aluminium Handles

Tri-Blade Shear – Aluminium Handles

DP905 Tri-Blade Shear – Aluminium Handles

The only shear with 3 blades!

Tri-blade Shear, with fixed length aluminium handles, is a lightweight pair of shears providing a twin cut action.  The oval shaped, ribbed aluminium handles provide maximum strength, with soft ergonomic grips, whilst keeping the weight of the tool light, and include shock absorbing buffers to lessen jarring.

The two outer blades of these tri-blade shears are P.T.F.E. coated, whilst he central blade is chrome armoured to cut cleanly against the outer blades and create additional stability.  All of the blades are rust resistant and undergo an extensive hardening process that provides extremely robust, high performance cutting edges.  All three blades provide and 23 cm or 8 inch cutting edge.

The outer blades cut either side of the central blade in a twin cut action, which is not only faster than that achieved by regular shears but also more accurate.  The central blade remains still at all times, creating a directional and stabilizing guide.

Spare parts are available.

This shear is also available with fixed length fibreglass handles (DP900) or telescopic extending aluminium handles (DP910).

Weight 900g

Overall length 600mm


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