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Slug And Snail Barricade

Slug And Snail Barricade

DA160 Slug And Snail Barricade

The Darlac Slug Barricade forms a raised bed with slug defence from the outside. As slugs or snails try to scale the barricade they meet with an impenetrable row of spikes even at the corners.

The panels are easily slotted together and the base spikes push into prepared ground with ease, forming an impenetrable barrier all around once connected. If you do not intend to raise the soil level inside the barrier, ensure all the panels are completely down to ground level.

Each pack contains four panels which when joined together form a defence zone of 625 sq cm. It is possible to join two or more sets together to form a protected area to suit all requirements.

NB: DA160 Slug Barricade will only prevent entry from the outside, it will not deter pests that already exist within or those that might travel beneath ground level.

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