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Perennial Hand Shear

Perennial Hand Shear

DP855 Perennial Hand Shear

The easy way to single handed trim back all green growth. Perennial is the perfect choice for trimming Ornamental Grasses, Topiary, Annuals and Perennials, and for Harvesting Herbs.

The spring is soft enough to provide an effortless cutting action, allowing for prolonged use without wrist ache. The safety catch easily swings back into action when required.

The high carbon steel blades are hollowed out to offer minimal friction for a precise cutting edge which is easily sharpened when necessary to give a whisper clean cut.

To sharpen use Darlac’s award winning fine grade DP100F Diamond Sharpener.

We also recommend for topiary work, esay to handle and great for shaping box or yew, dealing with all green growth and cutting right down to the tip of the blade, will allow for quite intricate use. At only 267 grams these shears are both lightweight and well balanced.

The Perennial Shear is a delight to use and is ideal for so many tasks around the garden and greenhouse, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Weight 300g

Overall length 310mm


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