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Replacing lock for DP560 & 570
DP110T Handle Instructions
DP583 Threading Instructions
DP474A Replace Locking Button (older model)
DW253 Electronic Water Timer Instructions

Editorial – a small selection of reviews

Prices quoted in editorial reviews are subject to change

Kitchen Garden February 2014 DP951 (DP348 & DP343) Joyce’s Choice 5/5
Which Magazine DA130 String Cutter
Which Magazine Swop Top Cleaning
Garden Answers Magazine DP30 & DP930 Pruners
DP42 Compact Snips
Amateur Gardening DP42 Compact Snips
Amateur Gardening DP100 Diamond Sharpener
Which Magazine DP100 Diamond Sharpener 2006
Which Magazine DP100 Diamond Sharpener 2003
Amateur Gardening DP115 Telescopic Fruit Picker
Garden News DP115 Telescopic Fruit Picker
Garden Answers DP174 & DP930 Pruners
Garden Answers DP332 Compact Pruner
Amateur Gardening DP360 Telescopic Weed Knife
Garden Answers DP440A Garden Trowel
Your Home Magazine DP460 Hooked Garden Knife
Garden Answers DP465 Telescopic Expanding Rake
Garden Answers DP474A Telescopic Ratchet Lopper
Gardeners World DP474A Telescopic Ratchet Lopper
Kitchen Garden DP500, DP750 & DP755 Shears, Sickle and Grass Whip
Garden News DP540 Garden Trowel
Which Magazine DP556 Grab-n-Lift
Which Magazine DP557 Multi Pick
Telegraph Gardening DP567 Leylandii Shear
Garden Answers DP668 Garden Composter
Amateur Garden DP686 Bucket Pocket
DP750 Grass Whip
Kitchen Garden DP755 Grass Whip
Amateur Gardening DP755 Sickle
Telegraph DP788 Compost Aerator
Garden Answers DP812 Edging Shears
Telegraph DP812 Edging Shears
Garden Answers DP814 Long Reach Shears
Amateur Gardening DP888 Scarifier
DP888 Lawn Scarifier & DP999 Hollow Tine Aerator
Garden Answers DP930 Ladies Bypass Pruner
Garden Answers DP999 Hollow Tine Aerator
Telegraph DP1030 Super Pro Bypass Pruner
Garden News DP1030 & DP1031 Pruners
Garden Answers DP1031 Super Pro Rotating Handle Pruner
Garden News DP1400 Super Pro Shears
DW210 DW15 DP873 DP474
Garden Answers DW255 Solar Electronic Water Timer
Amateur Gardening DW330 Irrigation Lance
Garden News DW355 Super Pro Multi Pattern Spray Gun
Amateur Gardening DW355 Super Pro Multi Pattern Spray Gun
Garden Answers DW355 Super Pro Multi Pattern Spray Gun


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